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Dünya Turuna Çıkan Hollandallı Havacılık Meraklısı İki Kişinin Eskişehir'de Maruz Kaldıkları Şaka

Gelişen olayları kişilerin kendi ağızlarından okumanızın daha iyi olacağını düşündüğümden dolayı yazıları Türkçe'ye çevirme gereği duymadım. Hikayenin başlangıcı kısaca şöyle. İki Hollandalı dünya turları sırasında Eskişehir'e gelmişlerdir ve meydan yakınlarında uçak inişlerini seyretmektedirler. Hollandalı diğer bir arkadaşımız ise onların Eskişehir'de olduğunu bize bildirir ve olaylar gelişmeye başlar... :-)
Marco --> Hollandalı arkadaşımız.
Willem ve Pieter --> Dünya turunda olan iki Hollandalı.
Kutlu ve Ender --> Phantom Team'den iki zat.

Below you'll find the story on how they were caught in Turkey.

Marco (From SCRAMBLE / Netherlands) starts:

I was at home working and of course my pc was on. Around 1 pm I get an ICQ message from a Turkeys friend (Kutlu, whom I met at Çigli for the first time after a couple of year emailing). After some chit chat about the weather I suddenly thought that those two Brabo's (slang for people from our county in The Netherlands) (Pieter and Willem) where at Eskisehir at this moment. This is where Kutlu lives and has his "homebase". After telling this to him, we had the idea it would be nice if he would pay them a visit to say hi personally. Well that's what I thought would happen only the story takes a different turn over here. Kutlu called a mate (also a friend of me, called Ender) and they executed a original joke. Read more about what happend below.

The answer from Kutlu in Turkey.

Hi Marco, We have found your friends, in fact we played a game for them:-))) We jumped in the car with Ender immediately, went to the airfield and began loking for them around the base. For nearly fifteen minutes we couldn't find
them, but while returning around the base we found two guys walking along the road with backsacks:-) We stopped near them and got down the car, kept asking questions to them as if we were police or security. We took their passports, asked who they were, what they were doing there and then began searching their backsacks:-)) We found the binoculars, camera etc. and told them they were in trouble and took them in the car. Drove away from the airbase and went to silent place(comment by Okan: They had gone to a park:-)). Again we began searching their sacks throughly, kept asking questions etc. At last I couldn't keep with it and told the truth:-) You should have seen their faces. Then we took them to the air museum, ate a few snacks and then left them to the hotel. They are funny guys and are going to Ankara tonight. They told they will try to be back in Eskisehir in two weeks, and there was an openday in Damascus, Syria on the 12th of November. I think they will kill you when they got back to Holland:-)) See you, Regards Kutlu.

This email from Willem got in 3 minutes later!!!!!

Hi Marco, Thanks for the fast reaction en the additions. Are you in the neighborhood, watch out if you are, we were caught he today in the landing. We were walking back to the town because they changed the runway. we were walking next to the field when a car stopped and asked us what we were doing there. We thought KUT (Dutch Pussy) we'dd done so carefull. Also thinking about the trip laying ahead of us......What now???? Our harts were beating faster and faster especially when they asked us to empy our bags. They found our binocullars and cameras very intresting. They said they had been tipped by a local who'd seen us taking pictures and if we had really done that we ould be in real shit. We were taken into town. There we had to explain what we exactly were doing and that they wanted to develop our films. Pieter had his bag nearly empty when he said "Marco gives you his greetings and wishes you a lot of succes. UUUHHHHH There we were with a heart disease and shaking knees. HEEEEEEE, luckily we couldn't find any candid camera otherwise this would have given a nice film for all of you. I think we won't spot here any more, to dangerous with all your friend out here!!!!! We have to say it is an original and well done joke. At the moment itself we were scared shitless but now we can laugh about it.

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